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Trichological hair services

What is Trichology ?

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Trichology is the science of hair loss and scalp disorders. Trichologist are para medical individuals trained to assist Dermatologists in treatments for hair loss and scalp issues.

What can I expect from a Trichologist?

  • Trichologist will perform a detailed consultation based on personal history, lifestyle, genetic history, environmental conditions, and medical history.
  • Trichologist will review consultation data with client verifying that all information is correct and accurate.
  • Trichologist will advise the client in nutrition, perform scalp examination with a microscopic camera, body com passing, scalp exfoliation,blood typing, menu and detox plans, medical and holistic scalp treatments, lifestyle changes, ph testing, and laser therapy.

Are you ready to take your scalp and hair shaft to another level?
Come see Certified Trichologist Gloria Fort, and receive  understanding concerning your hair structure, hair strength, hair dimensions, elasticity, hair growth cycle, and a complete guide to a healthy scalp.



What is Trichology

Trichology is the science of hair loss and scalp disorders