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I've been serviced by Ms. Gloria for 20 plus years. I travel 50 minutes every Saturday for the excellent hair care she consistently provides. I was diagnosed with chronic anemia in January  of  2014 and one of the side effects is hair thinning and hair loss. Ms. Gloria noticed my hair was shedding extra and began counteracting the issue before I realized what was going on. I'm so grateful for her expertise; no one noticed the change in my density, or even knew I  was experiencing hair loss. It's an awesome thing when your stylist  is knowledgeable, thorough, and operates with a standard rarely seen in this industry. I'm no longer chronically anemic; and my hair is long, full, and healthy. It's so healthy, I've been often accused of wearing a "sow in"...no, it's a "grow in"! Thanks to Ms Gloria and Hair N' Motion, The Next Level!

Dee Dixon


Shequila Loving, Stylist (Licensed)

​​Gloria A. Fort (Certified Trichologist, Licensed Master Cosmetologist, Hair Coach)

Shara Nicole Powell, Stylist (Licensed)

I welcome black back to my wardrobe! 
If you have not suffered from a dry scalp and white flakes quickly forming and constantly falling on your clothing…YOU ARE FORTUNATE! Ten years ago- I visited Hair-N-Motion by way of my cousin’s friend’s hair looking strong and healthy. I got a consultation from Gloria and her first assessment was my hair/scalp was over processed.  She managed and healed my scalp issues with very deliberate techniques. I went from always wearing white blouses and shaking flakes off jackets (if I put the jackets on) to confidently wearing black, shaking hands and taking care of business.

I love my transformation to embrace color!


Hair N' Motion

Cande Bell
Conyers GA

The Next Level

Founded in 1996 by business owner Gloria A. Fort, Hair N' Motion The Next Level has serviced the greater Gwinnett area for the past 20 years. Gloria's focus is not just about hair styling and cuts and color, but to define healthy scalp and hair shaft fibers. Hair N' Motion The Next Level has revolutionized how to revitalize dry scalp issues, damaged, limp and untamed hair with a flawless 30,60,90 day trichological hair and scalp system.

The team of highly professional Certified Trichologists, and licensed master cosmetologists are each exceptionally talented and motivated to assist you with all of your hair, scalp and styling needs.

Gloria A.  Fort CEO and founder is a true educator when it comes to informing the clients on the fundamentals of maintaining healthy scalp and hair. Gloria's passion and purpose is on "FIRE" about educating how early prevention can decrease your chances of developing permanent hair loss, and scarring of the scalp.

Come discover how you can obtain greatness with your hair and scalp needs. Your scalp is the soil in which the hair thrives from, if this environment is not healthy your growth pattern will be compromised.

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