Lonyelle Amber

Licensed Master Cosmetologist

Hello! I am Lonyelle Amber, a 24 year old licensed Master Cosmetologist. My specialty is custom wigs (prosthetics units).

Working in a Trichological salon has afforded me the knowledge for the prevention of hair loss, breakage and how important it is to care the scalp and hair shaft. I also love to silk press, color, and keep the hair as healthy as possible.

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I've been serviced by Ms. Gloria for 20 plus years. I travel 50 minutes every Saturday for the excellent hair care she consistently provides. I was diagnosed with chronic anemia in January  of  2014 and one of the side effects is hair thinning and hair loss. Ms. Gloria noticed my hair was shedding extra and began counteracting the issue before I realized what was going on. I'm so grateful for her expertise; no one noticed the change in my density, or even knew I  was experiencing hair loss. It's an awesome thing when your stylist  is knowledgeable, thorough, and operates with a standard rarely seen in this industry. I'm no longer chronically anemic; and my hair is long, full, and healthy. It's so healthy, I've been often accused of wearing a "sow in"...no, it's a "grow in"! Thanks to Ms Gloria and Hair N' Motion, The Next Level!

Dee Dixon


Cande Bell
Conyers GA

I welcome black back to my wardrobe! 
If you have not suffered from a dry scalp and white flakes quickly forming and constantly falling on your clothing…YOU ARE FORTUNATE! Ten years ago- I visited Hair-N-Motion by way of my cousin’s friend’s hair looking strong and healthy. I got a consultation from Gloria and her first assessment was my hair/scalp was over processed.  She managed and healed my scalp issues with very deliberate techniques. I went from always wearing white blouses and shaking flakes off jackets (if I put the jackets on) to confidently wearing black, shaking hands and taking care of business.

I love my transformation to embrace color!


Gloria A. Fort

Certified Trichologist, Master Licensed Cosmetologist,

Certified Hair Coach


My passion is that everyone understands the importance of scalp management. Here at Hair N' Motion Trichological Salon/Clinic, we thrive on education in the area of reducing hair loss & scalp disorders. Our clinical services starts with a scalp assessment, hair check of the hair shaft, or a full consultation.

Once you have been evaluated, we start you on a treatment plan that will start your new journey to a healthy scalp or hair shaft. My training has been 13 months at the National Trichology Training Institute, 13 months training with Board Certified Dermatologists, and 13 months Wellness training, just to name a few. I have also trained with the World Trichology Society, CARF, Dr. Bauman, Hair Loss Summit, and many more.  

Not only am I passionate about helping my clients achieve a health scalp, I'm passionate about my team! Please meet them below.

​Shara Powell

Licensed Master Cosmetologist

Shara "Sassy" Powell is a Licensed Master Cosmologist, Trichology Assistant, Weaveologist and Natural Hair Care Specialist, with the most gentle touch.

A tender head clients' best friend!

The scalp is the foundation, and it is imperative to keep it clean, healthy and strong for the hair follicles to flourish. Healthy scalp care promotes healthy hair care.