There is a fine line between relaxed hair and over processed hair. At Hair N' Motion The Next Level, we'll teach you not to cross it. You can have healthy, voluminous, shiny hair.  


There is a compromise between wearing a relaxer and going natural. Texturizers loosen the curl patterns in your hair making it more manageable without completely straightening it. Texturizing is a good alternative for young girls.

Coloring and Highlights - You can wear color with confidence. Let us customize tones and highlights for your hair that will take your style to the next level. Our designers are trained in a variety of hair coloring services that employ an assortment of products and techniques to achieve desired results such as corrective color, caramelizing, color glossing and double process color.  

Trend Cuts - Just because you saw it on the runway, doesn't mean you can't rock it too.  At Hair N Motion, the Next Level we're skilled enough to give you the cut you're looking for.

Other Services:

  • Steaming 
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Specialty Sets (Spiral, Rod, etc.)
  • Intricate Styling 
  • Up dos
  • All services include a 3-step shampoo process, which includes an organic cleanse, moisturizing shampoo and hydrating shampoo.

Hair Care Services

Hair cuts
Grey coverage
Roller sets

The Next LevelTrichological Clinic and Salon

Hair N' Motion

Up Do's
Crochet braids
Blow outs
Silk press
Natural Hair styling