Hair N' Motion

The Next LevelTrichological Clinic and Salon

1. Hydration treatment is designed to keep the hair from constantly breaking. 

2. PH balance shampoo system is a balanced shampoo system that is designed to cleanse the hair shaft and allow essential oils to penetrate. 

3. Deep conditioning treatment helps to strengthen damaged hair (excessively dry, brittle or weak). 

All services at Hair N' Motion The Next Level are PH balanced, also we use heat protection and low heat to ensure the hair shaft is free from heat damage.


Hair and Shaft Services

Trichological Hair and  Scalp Services

1. Client one-on-one Consultation
2. Physical Exam and Hair Scalp Scanning
3. Scalp Exfoliation
4. Specialized Intensive Scalp Therapy
5. Scalp Recovery Treatments
6. Scalp Renew Treatments
7. Light Laser Therapy
8. Body Compassing
9. Ozone Hydration Treatments
10. Blood Type/PH Testing
11. Nutrition and Diet Consultation
12. Medical doctor referral when needed

Hair N' Motion The Next Level.....Trichology recognizes that we all need a "Trichological Work protocol", which involves Skin testing, Hair Shaft testing, Micro camera evaluation, and customized treatments.

Relaxers, hair cuts, highlights, grey coverage, roller sets, up dos, crochet braids, silk press, finger coils, natural hair styling are among the many services we offer.

Hair N' Motion The Next Level.....Trichology strategy is to treat your scalp to bring new life to all of your hair care needs.

As a Trichological Salon, our first priority is to assure the client that the scalp environment must follow the protocol which improves growth and prevents possible hair loss issues.

Hair N' Motion The Next Level.....Trichology has the system to address the following:

  • Shedding
  • Seasonal hair loss
  • Thinning hair
  • Miniaturization
  • Scalp disorders

The science of Trichology is very impressive, you will see and feel immediately how clean and nourish your scalp will feel, and in 30,60,90 days your scalp and hair will be revived, renewed, and restored.