The Next LevelTrichological Clinic and Salon

1. Diet

Loss nutrients
Extreme weight loss
High fat diet
Extreme vitamin A intake

Top Six Reasons for Hair Loss

3. Genetic

5. Stress

Inherited predispositions such as androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness.
Cystic Acne

4. Environmental

Hair N' Motion

Hazardous employment
Chemicals in the water
Pollutants in the air
Excessive exposure to sunlight

2. Medical

6. Health

Chronic stress is stress that the body is subjected to on a regular basis or on a single occasion with lasting negative effects.
Traumatic stress is overwhelming situations that may involve actual or threaten death, serious injury, or threat to physical integrity.

Hormonal imbalance
Radiation exposure
Birth control pills

Poor blood circulation
Postpartum pregnancy
Inflammation, burning, scarring
Poor vitamin assimilation